Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oligodnyamic effect?

The oligodynamic effect is the ability of metals to exhibit antimicrobial properties and kill a range of germs including; algae, bacteria, fungi, eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms, fungi, moulds, spores and viruses. This happens on automatically when the germs come into contact with the metal and is useful in reducing infection and the spread of disease, including COVID-19, MRSA and other antibiotic resistant super-bugs.

How to clean and polish copper.

Due to oxidation, copper can become tarnished and lose it's glamorous colours, however it's easy to clean and buff it back to an eye catching shine. There are several things you can use from your pantry including salt, vinegar, lemon juice or even tomato sauce.
The simplest way to is dissolve some fine salt in lemon juice and using a clean towel, wipe the copper surface until it's clean. Wash off the residue with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.